Our Sponsors

OUR SPONSORS: This website has been rebuilt free of cost by great heart Mr. Mostain Billah, Chairman “MATEORS DOT COM” Dhaka, Bangladesh.

This world tour provide a unique marketing opportunity for those who sponsor us. We are traveling worldwide. So your company name, products will be viewed by the multimillion people of the world as they see us they see your company as well. The travel lover audiences are tied to our story and keeps it steady growing when we begin our journey. Beyond that the vehicle on the road or parked in major cities everyday highly visible and command attention. Sponsors blog will be visited by lot of people everyday as supporters of this journey.


You can help us in many ways, like:

  • Volunteering, guiding us while we visit your country where you are presently residing, even you can drive our car if you have the valid driving license of that country.
  • Arranging press conference in your city.
  • Any Corporation/Company can sponsor us. Sponsors’ Company name would be on rooftop of our driving vehicle worldwide and in our website as well.
  • By Finance, as well as auto maintenance, Gas supply, accommodation etc.
  • Hand in fund Raising effort in the country where you are working/living (if necessary).
  • Media can help by sponsoring us, we will upload recorded videos to them with Country introduction, population, big cities, Point of interests, Heritage/Historical sites of the country that we will keep visiting worldwide.
  • Any business firm/organization can give their ads. in our website.
  • Experienced person in Video editing, photography, uploading, reporting and related with the media can help us.